Even Flow is an Italian Progressive Metal band from Sardinia, formed in the 1990s. After 20+ years in the game, they’ve stepped up their game again, recording a five-song EP that will be gifted to the world shortly. Created by the brothers Pietro Paolo and Giorgio Lunesu, the band has released two full-length albums, and Mediterraneo is their third EP. In proper Prog Metal form, they have woven together tones, tempos, and textures into a tapestry of artistic expression that must be heard to be believed.


Band Members:

  • Marco Pastorino – Vocals
  • Pietro Paolo Lunesu – Guitars
  • Luca Negro – Bass
  • Giorgio Lunesu – Drums

Mediterraneo will be self-released on October 3, 2022.


  1. Ocean Lies
  2. Ray Of Light
  3. Leaves
  4. Revelation Day
  5. Mediterraneo

The disc doesn’t begin; it launches. “Ocean Lies” opens up with a full complement of instruments, exciting the senses immediately. The guitars and drums compete for dominance, and the bass keeps them both in line. The first shift is when the vocals come in. The mix of instruments seems to drop off a little to make way for Marco’s crystal-clear voice. Chorus and pre-chorus have a different tempo, then there is yet another before the mid-point. Those gear changes are stunning and precisely timed. The little bits of grit in the vocals that hit in a few places add some excellent texture to the song.

“Ray Of Light” has an excellent melodic intro with nice keyboard tones supporting the voice and subdued guitar work. The kick of the main riff, performed on synthesizer before shifting to guitar, is quite good, taking the song to the next level seamlessly. The drumming on this track is wildly varied and superbly done, and the bass handles all of this with ease, maneuvering more like a lead instrument than a rhythm piece. This time, more grit is offered in the voice, giving the song a bit of extra bite.

“Leaves” and “Revelation Day” are shorter songs, barely hitting the three-minute mark. “Leaves” never gets out of second gear, staying slower, almost ballad-like. The notable piece on this is the outstanding vocal work. Some belted notes really hit home, especially when the distortion kicks in on the bottom end. The piano outro is really cool, too. “Revelation Day” has a keyboard-heavy intro, but the kick into the body of the song is the cool part here. The riff is excellent, using a catchy phrase for the guitar over a fun drum pattern. Both these songs show a lot of ability in writing and performing skills, marking this as a serious Progressive Metal band.

The final track is Prog Metal excellence. Guitars with Arabic tones, futuristic keyboards, a bass line that works like a rhythm guitar hanging with the riff, and drum work that almost defies logic make this a song that can in no way be called standard. The shifts, twists, and turns all shape this song into an exquisite and daring serpentine structure. There really is not much to compare this to; it’s creative and new and extravagant. What a song to use to close a record!

Even Flow dares to step beyond the norms and explore new horizons. With Mediterraneo, they’ve decided to push the limits and step outside their comfort zone. There is a lot to ingest, and getting a grip on all this disc has to offer takes more than one playthrough. At just over 23 minutes, I can spend all that focusing on the killer drum patterns, just trying to wrap my mind around Giorgio’s incredible dexterity. Brother Pietro is equally adept at grabbing and holding your attention. Luca can do everything you need/expect from a bassist, keep the rhythm in check, play with the riff, and lead the charge.

Every musician in this band can hold their own, but they sound best when they all come together. They have the ability to push each other to new heights and challenge each other to go bigger and better as a group. This is what Prog Metal is supposed to sound like; this is what Prog Metal is supposed to do, challenge the ears and please the senses with a creative mixture of tones and sounds and textures that make you wonder where it could go next, always holding a surprise in the back pocket.

MZ Ratings:

  • Musicianship
    • Guitars – 9
    • Rhythms – 9
    • Vocals – 9
  • Songwriting – 10
  • Production – 9
  • Overall – 9.20