Nomadus - Axis Primordial

Nomadus is a Belfast, Ireland, quartet formed in 2016. Bringing Groove, Thrash, and Death Metal together to create a heavy sound fueled by raw emotion, they’ve released four singles before Axis, Primordial, their debut full-length album. With lyrics leaning into Philosophy and Mental Health issues, they take on the problems seen prominently in society today. Once again, proving that Metal is socially aware and conscious of what is happening. Nomadus are letting their voice be heard.

Band Members:

  • Frederico Moita – Vocals/Lead Guitars
  • Neil McCaughtry – Rhythm Guitars
  • Carl Vaughan – Bass
  • Brett Martin – Drums

November 25, 2022, via Distortion Project Records


  1. Last Words Of Wisdom
  2. Apex Breath
  3. Fraction
  4. Hadean
  5. The Ultimate Fuse
  6. Paradox (Nerve Burn)
  7. Pounding Curse
  8. Scent Of Death
  9. The Passage

The album begins with “Last Words Of Wisdom,” immediately showing off the heavy riff work Nomadus will use on this record. The heavy turns melodic after the intro, going into more of a Groove Metal tone, only to revert to the heavier riff for the verse. Harsh vocals bring a little Death Metal to the sound, going past grit and distortion. The backing vocals have some cleans, bringing a nice contrast to the voices.

“Apex Breath” has more heavy, melodic guitar work, though I must confess that the drum phrasing caught my ear up front. I love the moderated pace and technical passages that fill in under the guitar. Some of the pattern and tempo changes the drums cue up are precisely done, hitting beautifully and at just the right mark. The bridge is an excellent example of how they shift gears really well.

For a bit of a Thrash Metal influence, “Fraction” fills the bill. The tempo is a bit faster, with the bass stepping up and filling in the rhythm, creating a wall of sound that stands tall to the killer guitar work. Then, we get the melodic instrumental “Hadean.” Mellower tones with an ambient feel dominate this one as it transitions to “The ultimate Fuse.” The tones are lighter initially but dive deep to carry us to the first verse. Those shifts and transitions are dynamic and work well within the composition.

“Paradox (Never Burn)” has a choppy, chugging riff and awesome bass/drum pairing. This song brings a little NWOBHM to some sections, fusing it into the Thrash/Groove Metal quite well. Nomadus blends the styles they use with ease and never loses their identity. Everything sounds like it belongs here.

“Pounding Curse” and “The Passage” both hit 7:26 for time, tying each other for the longest songs. The former is more Groove, less Thrash, and the latter is the exact opposite. Both songs have a driving power, smacking the listener right in the earholes. Between those two tracks is “Scent Of Death,” a song that starts with some excellent guitar work before the bass and drums come in to round out the tune. All three of these songs have killer shifts, edging close to Progressive Metal with some of the technicality.

Delving into lyrical topics, this band is actively working on establishing what they think and feel about philosophical themes and issues surrounding mental health. Nomadus does not shy away from subjects they want to speak on. They take their thoughts and wrap the music around them to reinforce the emotion the words put forth, tying everything together in a neat package for you to hear, digest, and process. Get a feel for the music, check out the lyrics, and let the album speak to you. That’s what Heavy Metal is here for.

MZ Ratings:

  • Musicianship
    • Guitars – 9
    • Rhythms – 9
    • Vocals – 9
  • Songwriting – 9
  • Production – 9
  • Overall – 8.80