Svn.Seeker is a Bristol, CT-based band formed in 2017. This four-piece technical/melodic death metal band loves aggressive guitars, thundering bass, and blast beats. The vocals are harsh and delivered in both fast-paced and slow-burn screams. Nikita takes on both lead guitars and vocals, a daunting task considering the tempo at which both of those maintain. The rhythms are frenetic but very precise, showing mastery and control that is quite impressive.

Band Members:

  • Nikita – Vocals/Lead Guitars
  • Jeff – Rhythm Guitars
  • “Urda” – Bass
  • Pat – Drums

Means To An End was released on February 4, 2021.


  1. The Plot (Instrumental)
  2. Pilfered
  3. Seeking My Own Sun
  4. Death Of A Judge
  5. Means To An End

“The Plot” is an opening instrumental that delicately leads you into a maelstrom. Strings and piano gently take you through a bit of a haunting soundscape, only to drop you off at the door to musical brutality. The trip through this haunted area takes over a minute and lulls you into a false sense of security. The shift from “The Plot” to “Pilfered” is vicious and wonderful. The change is like being slapped in the face by a giant with a hand the size of your entire head.

The vocal delivery in “Pilfered” is choppy through the verses, though the cadence in the chorus is pretty stable. The guitars are rapid-fire, and the rhythm is brutal. The lyrics are about a childhood stolen by someone in a position of authority. The anger is palpable in both the lyrics and the musical composition. The brief interlude at the bridge is like a respite between beatings. The solo and outro are more melodic and seem to have an attitude of having grown beyond the abuse. Maybe more escaped and lived to tell the tale. Either way, this is a gut-wrenching song fueled by a heavy composition.

“Seeking My Own Sun” is another brutally fast piece with some killer lead fills right up front. The vocals are harsh throughout the entire recording, so this is no different than what we will hear the rest of the way. The vocals are consistent, with the exception of a few whispers here and there. The melodic section in the middle of the song is pretty stunning. That dual guitar phrase with the drums matching underneath is very well done. Lyrically, the song feels like being trapped in a nightmare, not quite being able to reach the dawn. Hard to tell if they are talking about sleep paralysis or metaphorically about the current state of the world. Either of those is terrifying.

The next song, “Death Of A Judge,” starts with hardcore blast beat drumming and some melodic guitar work. The bass is hammering along, not just keeping up but racing the drums. The lyrics are dark, and so is most of the music. The keyboards that filter in later are haunting and ethereal, giving the song a bit of forlorn angst. Lyrically, the song implies that God, “the Judge,” has died. The absence of God means the end, death, will only take us to a darkened void of nothingness. Some might find that more comforting than an eternity in either supposed location we are taught about.

The EP wraps on the title track, “Means To An End.” This song starts with a melodic riff and some overlaid keyboards. The rhythm is more subdued, the tempo slower than some others. Lyrically, this song reminds me how one life will ultimately make no difference in the grand scheme of existence. This is pretty bleak but can also be a bit reassuring. You aren’t so terrible that you can change the course of history, so just be you and live your life as you want.

Svn.Seeker is a melodic death metal band that likes to challenge the status quo and make you think about how life, and everything in it, impacts the world. At least, that’s what they say to me. Read the lyrics as you listen and determine for yourself. Everyone brings different life experiences to the table, so I’m sure some will see it differently. That’s cool. One thing Svn.Seeker does well is to make the musical composition fit the lyrical theme.

The guitar work is intricate in all the right places, using the lead work and the fills to highlight some critical points while the rhythms build the foundations. You get sinister, angry, apathetic, and forlorn all in the same disc, sometimes in the same song. They craft complex pieces that are not standard fare. They challenge you to listen and interpret, making you figure out how you feel about the subject matter. I love when that happens. This is exciting music; never a dull moment.

MZ Ratings:

  • Musicianship
    • Guitars – 10
    • Rhythms – 9
    • Vocals – 9
  • Songwriting – 9
  • Production – 9
  • Overall – 9.20