Virus Inhumanity was created in 2019 with the express intent of infecting the world with this Belgian quartet’s highly contagious music. Re-Infected is reimagining their 2021 EP Infectious, giving the songs yet another spin, this time with a more Industrial/Modern Metal sound while retaining the Death Metal influences from the original EP. These new versions keep all the Groove; just boost the sound around those hooks with extra layers of ear candy. So, sit back and get ready to spread the disease again!

Band Members:

  • Dimi – Vocals
  • Robbie – Guitars
  • Daan – Guitars
  • Elvis – Bass
  • Sepp – Drums

Self-Released on June 22, 2022.


  1. Seven Sins (Part I)
  2. Seven Sins (Part II)
  3. Virus Inhumanity
  4. Baptized In Fire
  5. Darkness Came

Re-Infected is a reimagining of the original five-song EP. The first version is guitar driven and really heavy. It has less of the Groove and more of the Death Metal. This also plays mostly in reverse order from the original, really driving point the home that Infected was taken apart and re-assembled in a new way to create Re-Infected.

This version is heavily influenced by Industrial Metal, although it retains the Death metal vocal stylings. “7 Sins (Part I and II)” use keyboards in place of the guitars and add layers of sound effects. Lyrically, both songs are centered around the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins. Each has its’ own verse, telling of how it is a plague on the soul and Humanity in general. Each tie back into the record’s theme by highlighting the danger it poses to the individual and the group as they infect and spread throughout the generations.

“Virus Inhumanity” has a more Techno/Groove Metal feel. It is the longest song on the EP and the darkest lyrically. This song has a dark tone musically while mirroring that with lyrics telling of the hopelessness of Human Kind. There is no way to stop the Virus. It is spread mindlessly, going from person to person by every possible transmission method. Parents pass it to their kids, friends to friends, and group members share it with the world when they gather and speak to those outside their crew. The thought is a contagion and cannot be contained.

With “Baptized In Fire,” we get the deconstruction of how to fight the Virus. This one has a bit of the guitar-driven sound of the original but retains all the heavy synth from this version’s Groove and Modern Metal sound. Throughout this version, the drums sound more “programmed” than in the original, which fits more with the tonal theme of the disc. The keys keep the riff phrasing relatively accurate, and the bass sounds a bit more muted than the Death Metal first offering. This is different but equally as precise in achieving the desired tones and sounds.

Wrapping the reverse order version is “Darkness Came,” a track that decides to step a bit closer to EDM in the tempo and technical rhythm phrasing. Granted, experts in those genres may argue that point, but I’m not that well-versed in the subtle differences. The key to this track is the futility of fighting the Virus. It has taken on a life of its’ own and has become indestructible.

One of the interesting things I noted in listening to both versions is that one tells the story of the Virus taking over, while the reverse edition seems to be more of the “origin story” of the Virus. One appears to be a fight against the Virus as it grows, the other a battle to stop it after it has become almost sentient. Both work in the order the tracks appear. Re-Infected is a cool concept; looking at the story in reverse order, only to find the conclusion is the same; the Virus wins, and Humanity cannot be saved, not even from itself.

This is a genuinely dark tale that makes sense no matter which angle you see. Virus Inhumanity has placed its stamp on the music world by reworking something that already felt complete, deconstructing it, then putting it back together in a new and unique way, even from a musical genre perspective. Taking the songs in reverse order and re-telling the story backward while still making the whole thing sense is an incredible accomplishment.

MZ Ratings:

  • Musicianship
    • Guitars – 9
    • Rhythms – 9
    • Vocals – 8
  • Songwriting – 9
  • Production – 8
  • Overall – 8.60