Vision Master is two guys going wild and having some fun while creating a combination album. There are serious elements of Classic Metal woven together with Power, NWOBHM, and even Death Metal. Fast guitars are matched by thundering drums and the vocals go from gritty to guttural with unrelenting ferocity. Just in case you like impossible feats, there is a guitar duel on “Arc Terminal X” that will drop your jaw. Some passages feel almost like Doom Metal, you know, for that brief respite between blazing solos and frenetic rhythms. This is one of those albums that passes over, through, and around genres and styles without blinking an eye, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Band Members:

  • Dan Murno – Vocals/guitar
  • Reuben Story – Bass/drums

Guest Musician:

  • Sean “Bloodbath” McGrath (Impaled) – Guitar solo/duel on “Arc Terminal X”

August 25, 2023


  1. Wolves In The Shadows
  2. Wet Net
  3. Gossamer Sky
  4. Knife In A Velvet Glove
  5. Walls Of Bone
  6. Sandstone
  7. Arc Terminal X
  8. Dust Within
  9. Beyond
  10. Thin Veil

This album opens with controlled fury. “Wolves In The Shadows” is a fast-paced track dominated by blistering guitar leads and a chugging riff. The bass and drums are there and noticeable, keeping the track moving forward at breakneck speed. Gritty vocals and a high-pitched wail at the end show the spectrum of the vocal sounds you will hear throughout this record. Dan’s voice, heard in the normal range, has a Dave Mustaine tonal quality to it. His delivery is, on occasion, similar to Dave’s as well. Make no mistake, this is not an “Ode to Megadeth” band. They have their own sound.

There are three songs on this album under three minutes and only one over five, so it fits more into the Thrash/Heavy Metal realm. You are not going to get the extended Death or Progressive Metal songs some bands offer, just quick, brutal tracks that race from start to finish. Some of the guitar work edges close to Neo-Classical shredding and Speed Metal, but the rhythms and vocals remain firmly affixed to Heavy Metal.

The drums are not full-on blast beats all the time, though they do get there at times. The vocals step across into growls, going a bit farther than just gritty. All of this is mixed into a chaotic, often dynamic set of shifts in tempo. The tone remains fairly pure on the entire record, not varying much from song to song. This is what gives a bit of a Punk feel to the whole thing. This is a hybrid record that visits multiple genres and styles without concern for whether they are “classically” mixed or not. It’s bold, energetic, and refuses to apologize for being different. Vision Master seems to revel in being different.

Again, not to slight the rhythm section, but there is often more focus on the guitars. Not in the mix or production, just in what stands out the most. The rhythms are pretty incredible. At times, even the vocals get covered a bit. The guitar battle in “Arc Terminal X” just seems to stand over everything. Fans of prominent guitars will love this album.

There is no distinct theme connecting this record. All songs have their own feel musically and lyrically. The record as a whole is solid with each track standing on its’ own. The drums and bass, even though sometimes overpowered, are damn good. Reuben is a musician who knows his way around both instruments. With time and work, Dan and Reuben can hone their sound, rounding it out so that it feels more complete.

MZ Ratings:


  •             Guitars – 8
  •             Rhythms – 7
  •             Vocals – 8
  • Songwriting – 8
  • Production – 7

Overall – 7.60