Quicksilver Night is a Folk Rock project from Warren Russell. Using a revolving group of guest musicians across multiple records, he has created an eclectic styling of catchy tracks that have an interesting array of tones and textures. Gentle rhythms combine with intricate guitar leads and solos, giving life to the harder rock end of the sound, while the delicate vocals of Dikajee, whose sound varies from Folk to Neo-Classical, bring out the Progressive tones to complement the time and tempo changes that subtly dominate this EP. What you end up with is five songs that will entertain and intrigue the ears in ways rarely heard.

Band Members:

  • Dikajee – Vocals
  • Warren Russell – Guitars

September 9, 2023 – Self Released


  1. Monochrome Memories featuring Marco Iacobini
  2. Ptichka featuring Andrew N Project
  3. Nihil Tactum featuring Andrew N Project
  4. For You featuring Farzad Golpayegani
  5. Latibulate featuring Andrew N Project

At 3:31, “Monochrome Memories” is the shortest song on the record. With an almost Sludge Rock feel (is that even a thing?), it has a low and slow tempo and ethereal vocals layered over the top. The solo is mostly tempered with some good runs and frills. Lyrically, this song feels like love has been destroyed and the memories of that person are all tinted with a single color, likely red or blue, definitely not 50 Shades of Gray. There seems to be a melancholy to the music, leading me to believe there’s more sadness than anger at this point.

The title track, “Ptichka,” means “Little Bird.” There is a more upbeat, happy tone to the song and at just under eight minutes, it is the longest song on the EP. Does this mean there is more happiness in their world than anything else? Not necessarily, but we can hope. This is a folksy track with a lot of runs and warbles in the vocals and a tambourine as a primary instrument. The percussion stands out on this track, giving the song a more grounded sound while elevating it at the same time. Sounds weird, but that’s what I feel when listening.

“Nihil Tactum” is a dark, brooding song. The lyrics are haunted, almost depressing and the guitar solo adds anger to the darkness, creating a melody that will set your nerves on edge. That may sound harsh, but it is so well executed, you will like the tension. This song feels cathartic in many ways. This record is an exploration of feelings that the listener may not want to feel but will end up learning from. “For You” then comes in with another slower, melancholy tone, leaning heavily on the bass guitar at some points, dropping to almost nothing with ethereal vocalizations above gentle piano at others.

Finally, “Latibulate,” which means “to hide oneself in the corner,” is an introvert’s dream. Some people will hear the words and think of sadness or loneliness, others will feel serenity. I think the song is about recharging after an overload to some degree. Whether you hear loneliness or serenity, the song will make you think about how you feel when you need to step away from the crowd and get a new perspective on the world.

Quicksilver Night is a very different band than what I normally listen to. There is a mellow, peaceful sense to the songs; even the ones meant to be dark and broody. I gained an appreciation for how I interpret things, and how I feel in certain situations. Good music does that, makes you analyze not just the music, but the tone, the words, how they fit together, and how they affect the soul. The compositions are carefully thought out and executed, the instrumentation fitting the lyrics beautifully. Even though this would not normally be my “cup of tea (I’m a coffee drinker),” I do appreciate what these songs gave me, a new insight into some aspects of my inner self.

MZ Ratings:


  •             Guitars – 9
  •             Rhythms – 8
  •             Vocals – 9
  • Songwriting – 8
  • Production – 8

Overall – 8.40