Receiver is Classic Metal mixed with NWOBHM and some Power/Progressive Metal. Formed in 2011 in Nicosia, Cyprus, they harken back to a different era. Theirs is an international offering, sounding as if they have been influenced by music from multiple decades and locales. Receiver features soaring clean vocals backed by sterling guitar melodies. Perhaps the real beauty of Whispers of Lore is Receiver’s uncanny ability to seamlessly underpin progressive rock and the sounds of NWOBHM. The rhythms are stunning and the overall compositional quality is what you would expect from a band that has been tirelessly working for over a decade to craft their signature sound. Dealing with weighty topics lyrically, they round out the album with words as complex and meaningful as the music.

Band Members:

  • Nikoletta Kyprianou – Vocals
  • Charalambos Vassiliou – Guitars
  • Andreas Kyriacou – Guitars
  • Loizos Koukoumas – Bass
  • Yiannis Xanthou – Drums

November 10, 2023 – Gates Of Hell Records


  1. Unite
  2. Starchaser
  3. Trespasser
  4. Falling To Dust
  5. Wilderness (cover from Golden Axe video game)
  6. Raiders Of The Night
  7. Arrow
  8. Whispers Of Lore
  9. Prowess And Decay

The opening of the record immediately brings NWOBHM and Power Metal to mind. The dual guitars with one going straight for the flair is a timeless classic of both genres. The drum work is straight out of 80s NWOBHM and the galloping bass matches that beautifully. The voice then takes the track to a more Power Metal sound. “Unite” is about as anthemic a Power Metal title as you can get and the music supports that theme.

“Stargazer” has the classic galloping rhythm of NWOBHM, further solidifying the connection to the style. One can easily imagine that bass line being on almost any 80s Power Metal or NWOBHM album, blasting through a pair of giant speakers connected to a component stereo… for those of us old enough to remember what those ever are!

The tempo and phrasing changes are Power Metal tradecraft and the vocals straddle the line of the two primary influences here, honoring the timelessness of belters like Bruce Dickinson and Michael Kiske. The tracks often sound like they are leading you into battle, getting you ready for the victory to come. The backing vocals and the chanting of more than one chorus reinforce this idea over and over. It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and this album definitely imitates a classic 80s style. From the compositions to the tone and tuning used, this is one massive tribute to that era.

One of the best examples of the heading into battle chanting songs is “Raiders Of The Night.” The musical pause to let the choir chant out the battle cry chorus is Epic Power Metal in its’ purest form. The guitar battle, the galloping bass line, the bass solo, and the drum patterns, all lead to the epic conclusion after a series of massive vocalizations take you through the solo and bridge. All it would take to make this a true classic Power Metal album would be a storyline concept for the whole album.

MZ Ratings:


  •             Guitars – 8
  •             Rhythms – 8
  •             Vocals – 8
  • Songwriting – 9
  • Production – 7

Overall – 8.00