Almost Dead is a San Francisco Bay area Thrash Metal band built very much in the tradition of the newest wave of bands originating from that area. Heavy riffage, distorted vocals, chaotic rhythms, and massive attitude have defined this new era. This is old-school attitude with modern tech and theory added to create a more lethal form of the timeless classic Thrash sound. The harsh vocals, going beyond anything Chuck Billy ever pulled off, give a Death Metal nod and amplify the angst. The ability of Tony to go low or high with the voice allows for more range than a Hetfield or Mustaine ever dreamed of achieving. Almost Dead is part of the New Wave Of Bay Area Thrash and should be worshipped as such!

Band Members:

  • Tony Rolandelli – Vocals
  • Zach Weed – Guitars
  • Felix Portillo – Bass
  • Ryan Glick – Drums

Release Date:

January 26, 2024 – Innerstrength Records


  1. Warheads In The Sky
  2. Commandments Of Coercion
  3. Eight Eyes Black
  4. Nightmare Coming
  5. Within The Ashes
  6. Agent Of Chaos
  7. Brutal Devotion
  8. Selfish Suicide
  9. Where Sinners Cry

The album opens with “Warheads In The Sky,” a track that damn near crosses into Speed Metal at times. I dig the keyboards layered in under the riff in some places. That adds a lot of extra tonality to the song, giving it a much more ominous sound, not that “warheads falling from the sky, all will die” needs much to be more sinister. I like the lead work on the guitar and how it flows over the solid rhythm of the bass and riff. The drums are next level, showing great technical skill and diversity between hand/foot patterns.

Up and down the tracklist, you get these quick shifts in patterns for each instrument. The changes from Thrash to Melodic to Speed are all well executed and their timing is very good. “Nightmare Coming” has a killer breakdown near the end that concludes with a small acceleration just before the final note. That slow climb out of the downturn is pretty cool and not done often enough. Each musician shows a variety of skills on this record, proving these guys are not just a bunch of bros out trying to have some fun. They may be music bros, but they definitely take their craft seriously.

“Where Sinners Cry” has some nice pinch harmonics running through it. You get them in short bursts, unlike the more sustained stuff you hear in Pantera and the like. In the end, you just get straight-up plodding riffage carrying you towards the end of the disc. The transition from solo to that riff is well done, starting under the solo and marching to the final shifts on the record. Another thing I love about this track is the blast beat double bass with the slow hand technique; Sludge Metal arms with Speed Metal feet is a contrast I love hearing.

If you like your Metal on the faster, heavier side, this is one disc you will want in your collection, whether physical or digital. Do not hesitate to give them a follow on your preferred streaming platform.

MZ Ratings:


  •             Guitars – 9
  •             Rhythms – 9
  •             Vocals – 9
  • Songwriting – 9
  • Production – 8

Overall – 8.80