Columbus, Ohio is the home base for the Alternative Rock quartet Red Temple Pray. Musically, they stay on the Rock end of the spectrum, not getting too heavy or fast. Lyrically, they go for some of the darker subjects, exploring personal struggles and issues the world is facing. They ask, Can It Get Any Worse? This is a dangerous question because society has a very habit of responding with, “Challenge Accepted.” Red Temple Pray relies more on tone and distortion, writing catchy tunes with killer hooks and fairly simple choruses that allow the fans to cheer and scream along, making them feel a part of the show. These are groovy songs that will burrow into your ears and take up residence.

Band Members:

  • Josh Richter- Vocals
  • Nicky Richter- Guitar
  • John Huffman- Bass
  • Jordan Sloan- Drums

Release Date:

February 9, 2024



  1. Big Panic
  2. Before The Bombs Go Off
  3. Sirens
  4. Heaven Like You
  5. Burnt
  6. Chlorine
  7. Bottle Rocket
  8. Where The Water Sheds
  9. Overview Effect
  10. Check The Kids
  11. Down The Drain

Alternative Rock outfit Red Temple Pray brings the 90s into modern times with Can It Get Any Worse? Combining Alternative, Grunge, Hard Rock, and Punk, they craft a style that is the best part of all those things. There is lyrical angst, musical dissonance, and a variety of tones and tempos to keep you on your toes while listening. Always looking at the world through a different lens, they concern themselves with the wrong time to receive a love letter and the need to make sure the kids are alright.

There are grungy rockers and heavy ballads in the mix, showing their ability to write more than just one type of song. Faster, slower, it does not matter, they can do it all. The vocals are not “showcase” style wailing and belting using mixes of chest, head, and falsetto; instead, they remain constant. There are variables to tone and pitch, but this is not going to be one of those singers who want to drop your jaw with an ear-splitting technique. Josh knows where the voice needs to be for these songs and he sits in that pocket and delivers a solid performance that makes a huge statement in its method of delivery.

Nicky and Jordan stick together, following Jordan’s drums beautifully. The rhythms on every song are paced to fit the tones of the lyrics, matching the emotional content of the song as a whole. Red Temple Pray never gets in a hurry to finish a song. It does not matter if the song is just over two or pushing towards five minutes, the pace is consistent. Each song has a theme and a feel all its’ own, making each unique. This is a collection of catchy tunes that are easy to digest, easy to listen to, and easy to remember. They will dig into your ears and stay there, lingering long after you stop playing the disc. This is music for people who like to sing along and just enjoy at their leisure.

MZ Ratings:


  •             Guitars – 8
  •             Rhythms – 8
  •             Vocals – 8
  • Songwriting – 8
  • Production – 8

Overall – 8.00