Visions Of Morpheus was originally formed as a solo project by Jeff Pearson but has grown into a full-fledged band. Their debut album, Lost Within, was released in November 2023. Hailing from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, they join a long line of Canadian Progressive rock and metal bands in exploring vast soundscapes meant to stimulate more than just the ears. This is more of a full-body experience as you wander through haunting melodies and heavy rhythms, influenced by the hyperactive interplay between the guitars and keyboards, supported by nuanced rhythms and wrapped around vocals that range from delicate to bombastic.

Band Members:

  • Jeff Pearson – Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Composition
  • Javish Soriano – Guitars
  • Gunner San Agustin – Bass
  • Tylar Brittain – Drums

Release Date:

November 18, 2023



  1. Through Fire & Flame
  2. Catharsis
  3. Ghost
  4. Beyond
  5. Power Of 7
  6. Outrun The Past
  7. Lost Within
  8. Cloak Of The Night
  9. Medusa
  10. Watch The World Burn
  11. Eye Of The Storm

From the very first notes you just know this is going to be an epic Power/Progressive Metal album. The lead-off track is almost seven minutes long and begins with a melodic intro built with strings, keys, and percussion that leads to a wailing vocal note held proudly. “Through The Fire And Flame” has a galloping rhythms with a powerful riff and some melodic, almost delicate lead work that sometimes gets a bit shreddy. Clean vocals round out the Power Metal sound and elegant shifts in tone, tempo, and time add the Progressive elements, giving this a well-rounded Power/Prog structure.

Vision Of Morpheus decided to hit me square in the face with the next track. “Catharsis” is a melodic song with a nice groove and some excellent lead work with the guitar, but the lyrics are what got me. They speak of reaching the point where you know you need to let it go and say there is no point in over-analyzing. That last one felt like a personal attack. Having had a really bad crash (emotionally) last year, this is exactly what I needed, but did not want, to hear. Congratulations to VoM for telling me the truth and not sugarcoating things.

The rest of the album continues much as the first two songs. Each track ranges from 2-7 minutes and builds the story as it goes. The rhythms are solid, built on precision drumming and bass playing. Those two set the pace and tone for each track, allowing the guitars and keyboards to be layered in evocative ways to advance the story put forth by the words. Whether you are trying to “Outrun the Past” or are just “Lost Within,” there is something that will likely relate to your life in its’ current configuration.

After playing through this album many times, consecutively, I get the sense the journey is complete for the band, but it seems like there is an open end for the listener. The theme seems to be heavy on introspection and the hint is that it never ends. This is the mark of great writing; there is the surface story, but there is also a deeper meaning that must be explored on a personal level. This album is an allegory, metaphor, and prediction all in one. Though the main lyrical theme seems to be fantasy-based to a degree, the secondary line is personal, unique, and exactly what you need or want it to be. This is the album you listen to but also take to heart.

MZ Ratings:


  •             Guitars – 9
  •             Rhythms – 9
  •             Vocals – 9
  • Songwriting – 9
  • Production – 9

Overall – 9.00