Apotheus is a four-piece Progressive Metal band from Portugal that loves to weave tales to take you on a musical and lyrical journey. Very cinematic in their approach to songwriting, Ergo Atlas is a concept album that is part two of a story Apotheus is writing based on the works of Isaac Asimov. A single concept album can be very difficult to write as it requires thematic elements to carry the story through all the music and lyrics. The musical themes are every bit as important as the lyrical ones. Carrying this across more than one album increases the difficulty and is not something to be tried without a clear vision guiding the project. Apotheus has achieved something few bands dare to try.


Band Members:

  • Miguel Andrade – Vocals/Rhythm Guitars
  • Luís “Gold Monkey” – Lead Guitars
  • Daniel Rocha – Bass
  • Albano “von Hammer” – Drums

Release Date:

October 17, 2023 – Black Lion Records



  1. Shape And Geometry
  2. The Unification Project Firewall
  3. Cogito
  4. Ergo Bellum
  5. March To Redemption
  6. Alphae’s Sons
  7. Re:Union
  8. Re:Genesis

The record opens with gentle guitars and keyboards, setting us up for a slow build that will take us from quietly melodic to heavy and dark. Incorporating both clean and harsh vocals, there are opportunities to explore different emotions within the song. Dread and fear are not only both possible, but as they say, they “create a new reality.” The tension within the song is palpable. As the track ebbs and flows through the lighter and darker sections, telling the story of the humans versus the new GODS, you begin to understand that this higher shape and geometry is the GODS being more than just a human spheroid shape, they are evolved into something different and very scary.

As the album explores the topic of humanity effectively being enslaved by a different, malevolent intelligence, we realize “The Unification Project” is not a good thing as it will lump all humankind into a subservient race, but also has the advantage of bringing all humans together, uniting them in a common cause against a common enemy. This is where they will discover their power and how to potentially defeat the GODS. We hear the chaos that is this dichotomy in both the words and the sounds.

Musically, the record contains huge time and tempo changes showing the Progressive Metal prowess of Apotheus. Lyrically, we hear the battle from different viewpoints which is augmented by the differences in musical composition. Dark, heavy guitar riffs over delicate lead and fill work accentuate this, as do the changing rhythms. The drumming weaves through variable patterns, transitioning the music through the dark and light phrases without affecting the storyline. The bass echoes this, acting like both a timekeeper and a third guitar while the keyboards layer in ambiance using ethereal and haunting tones to build the tension at times, then resolving the at others.

What you end up getting with this album is a story that you will interpret with your own mind, your own thoughts and feelings. Based on your relationship with science fiction, fantasy, and technology, you may decide this is not as bad as someone else might think. It could make you even more paranoid about the future. The only way to know is to listen and to delve into the story. Read the lyrics while listening to the music, but look them over again without the music. See just how much Apotheus adds to the story, and how much more complex it becomes with the music added.

Much like a movie score, the music behind the lyrics is meant to affect how you feel about what is being said, and Apotheus is very good at this. No scary movie is credible if the score is happy and upbeat. Music influences us so much more than we often give it credit for. I know the right (or wrong) song can change my mood in an instant; you know, like when that one song that you absolutely LOVE (or HATE) comes up on your playlist. The music here will not trigger those emotions but will set your mind to what the band wants you to feel based on the storyline. Well done, Apotheus, well done, indeed.

MZ Ratings:


  •             Guitars – 9
  •             Rhythms – 9
  •             Vocals – 9
  • Songwriting – 9
  • Production – 9

Overall – 9.00