Out Of Darkness is a Florida-based four-piece band operating primarily in the Classic Power/Progressive Metal realm, though that is nowhere close to everything they bring to bear on this record. The songs are shaded with Modern and Melodic Metal, bringing a classic sound into the new age. Initially formed in 2020 by Brent and Eric, they have expanded their line-up to include Dan and Bill, rounding out the sound. After releasing their debut EP, Seize The Day, in 2020, Out Of Darkness took time to craft their debut full-length LP and make sure they got everything to sound exactly as they wanted it to. The result is a very solid offering that has everything from gentle, ballad-like tones to a distinct heaviness that will immediately burrow into your brain.


Band Members:

  • Eric Barrios – Vocals/Guitars
  • Bill Staley – Guitars
  • Dan Callahan – Bass
  • Brent E. Smedley – Drums/Percussion

Release Date:

February 23, 2024



  1. Cosmic Conclusion
  2. Creeper
  3. Terraform
  4. Out of Darkness
  5. Prelude to Eternity
  6. Entity
  7. Open Wound
  8. Soul Dreams
  9. Breathing Fire
  10. Via Dolorosa
  11. In a Dream

DRUM INTRO!!! The record starts with a dynamic rip from Brent before the rest of the instruments join, and then they settle into the main riff/rhythm combo for the first verse. “Cosmic Conclusion” leads us off. I get some major Fates Warning vibes from the pre-chorus/chorus and some of the guitar work, but more of a Thrash/Heavy Metal feel from the rest of the song. The vocals go more towards the heavier, thrash sound, hanging in the lower register and taking on a lot of grit at times, though Eric can soar higher whenever he wants.

“Creeper” has a darker, heavier tone, showing a slower, more methodical, and melodic side of the band. The guitar riff is nice and chugging while the rhythm almost goes to Doom in speed, but not tone. The higher-end vocals go for a wailing style, throwing in some cry to add texture to the voice before dropping into distorted, harsher vocals. The semi-acoustic, melodic interlude brings some additional tension to the composition.

The title track, “Out Of Darkness,” has that same semi-acoustic opening, giving the song a quick ballad-like section before going much heavier. This highlights the range the band can cover, especially as they shift back and forth when moving from section to section of the track. “Prelude To Eternity” then adds keyboards and piano to a quick instrumental to further broaden the range of styles OOD infuses into their particular blend of Metal.

They wrap the album with two very different songs. “Via Dolorosa” has almost the entire range, from the Sludgy temperament to the ethereal tones, then adding the heavier, more Thrashy style. “In A Dream” is a ballad that allows the listener to finish up with something that brings their emotional highs back to earth. Taking advantage of that, OOD puts the record to rest on a breath of fresh air. Out Of Darkness is one of those bands that can move through genres and tones with relative ease.

MZ Ratings:


  •             Guitars – 8
  •             Rhythms – 8
  •             Vocals – 8
  • Songwriting – 8
  • Production – 8

Overall – 8.00