Sabotage India is a five-piece band very much in the 80s Thrash Metal vein of music with a modern take on the genre. You can hear the Exodus, Slayer, and Testament influences in some of the songs. Using two guitars, they achieve a lot of speed with the riffing and use a single lead guitar for more of the finesse and power. The lyrics are centered on things like making sure you know they are here to stay and mean business and getting revenge against those who fail to believe. Sabotage India aims to impress with speed and heaviness combined to make you pay attention to the music just as much as to the words being sung, so take a little time and dig in, listen to both, and just appreciate the glory that is Pishach.

Band Members:

  • Anand Mulgund – Vocals
  • Yash Pujari – Lead Guitars
  • Cyril John Thomas – Rhythm Guitars
  • Rahul Bhatt – Bass
  • Malhar Bhanushali – Drums

Release Date:

January 13, 2024



  1. Pishach
  2. Eye For An Eye
  3. Sabotage
  4. Love Undead
  5. Victory Or Valhalla
  6. Valley Of Death
  7. Melody Of Betrayal
  8. Demons In Paradise

The title track, “Pishach,” is a quick instrumental to introduce you to the sounds you are going to hear throughout this record. You will hear the underlying Arabesque tones under the brutal guitar work. I think I hear a sitar in the mix, adding some delicacy to the heaviness of the guitars. This fades out only to be replaced with a major dose of heaviness with the riffage for “Eye For An Eye.” This track skirts the edges of Speed Metal, the rhythm driving hard to carry the anger for the entire song. The lead guitar work is melodic and almost fanciful while maintaining speed and passion.

The song “Sabotage” is a study of self-glorification and bravado set to Thrashy guitars. The rhythm is catchy as hell, galloping along at a nice mid-tempo pace for this record. They definitely get faster than this, but the tempo here fits the tenor of the lyrics and the tone of the song. I do enjoy the 80s vibe this song puts out, stating they are here to kick ass and take names and will beat your ass if they need to.

The guitars on this record are something to behold; fast, melodic, and heavy. The drums range from melodic to full-on blast beats tempos and the bass underpins all of this with a sonic fury fueling the rhythm. There are some minor Hardcore and Punk Metal influences filtered through the Thrash Metal base that Sabotage India uses. Those added details make the songs pop just a little bit more than straight Thrash would. They give depth to the composition, adding texture to the soundscape. Overall, this is a fun album with a bunch of catchy songs that will easily earworm into your brain if you let them.

MZ Ratings:


  •             Guitars – 8
  •             Rhythms – 8
  •             Vocals – 8
  • Songwriting – 8
  • Production – 8

Overall – 8.00