Gengis Khan is an Italian Heavy/Speed Metal band formed in 2012. Master Of My Sins is the second EP from the band. They’ve also released three full-length LPs. Bringing in keyboards also adds a Power Metal flair to the mix, especially when added to the Epic/Power Metal style lyrics. Layered vocals, combined with the atmospheric keys bring the sound full circle. The versatility the band exhibits allows them to cross over and through styles while maintaining their signature sound and never losing sight of who they are as a band.

Band Members:

  • Frank Leone – Vocals/Guitars
  • Neil Grotti – Guitars
  • Mike Petrone – Guitars
  • Lyon – Bass
  • Gemma – Drums
  • Lee Under – Keyboards

Release Date:

December 15, 2024



  1. Masters Of My Sins
  2. Nightmare
  3. The Seventh Heaven
  4. Rising From Hell
  5. In The Land Of Darkness

Gengis Khan takes a little over 20 minutes to show you what they’re made of. The opening riff on “Masters Of My Sins” is damn good and the transition to a keyboard-dominant sound is well done. The changes are done fairly seamlessly for the different verses and the chorus has a third tone, giving the track a small Progressive Metal offering, though the main theme is Heavy Metal. With three guitarists, it is really difficult not to throw them into a Power Metal genre. While they might flirt with Power Metal, they do not exist solely in that space.

“Nightmare” has a more straightforward Heavy Metal sound with almost NWOBHM-inspired soloing and leads. Another piece that keeps them outside the Power Metal realm is the vocals. Frank stays down in his lower register more, only going into the upper end of his voice on special occasions. He maintains more of a chest tone, not hitting as many of the higher, head voice notes that so many Power/Prog singers love. By keeping his voice farther down, he keeps the tone of the lyrics a bit more sinister and dark. That fits the music well.

The keyboards spend much of the time in a background role, influencing the overall emotion of the track, though they do step in and lead when necessary. Neil, Mike, and Lee spend much of their time in great unison, providing a heavy soundscape. With the keyboards building ambiance much of the time, the guitars have a chance to lead in a variety of ways from delicate fills to bombastic solos. Then, just when you think you know how things are going to go, the keys jump out in front and take a quick lead, thus keeping your ears on their toes, so to speak.

With Lyon and Gemma rounding out the instrumental portion of the band, you have a six-piece with a similar structure to Iron Maiden but a more modern sound. Gengis Khan goes for more of the Melodic Metal end of the Heavy Metal spectrum, taking the time to make sure the sound is well-rounded and complete.

MZ Ratings:


  •             Guitars – 9
  •             Rhythms – 8
  •             Vocals – 8
  • Songwriting – 8
  • Production – 8

Overall – 8.20