After Infinity is a Finnish band formed by guitarist and songwriter Zsolt Szilagyi, known for his work with Dreamtale and Frozen Factory. The band’s music encompasses a wide range of power and heavy metal styles, featuring dynamic compositions that seamlessly blend heavy guitar riffs, epic orchestrations, and powerful vocals with soft piano melodies and soulful singing. Their catchy and beautiful melodies are sure to captivate listeners. After Infinity ranges from Heavy to Power to Symphonic Metal, weaving through styles like a slalom skier through the gates on a downhill course; using power, finesse, and a lot of daring.

Band Members:

  • So many talented guests – Vocals (see tracklist below)
  • Zsolt Szilagyi – Guitars/Keyboards
  • Roi Partanen – Bass
  • Gideon Ricardo – Orchestration

Release Date:

March 13, 2024 – Mauste Records


  1. Calm Before the Storm
  2. I Surrender to You (feat. Leonard F. Guillan)
  3. A Game of Chess (feat. Mikael Salo)
  4. Do What You’ve Got to Do (feat. Leonard F. Guillan)
  5. Crown of Clowns (feat. Mikael Salo)
  6. Capital Punishment
  7. Without You (feat. Nitte Valo)
  8. The Power Beyond His Fight (feat. Stephen Baker)
  9. Two Restless Hearts (feat. Nitte Valo and Juanma Draven)

This album feels like a concept without a concept, instead of having just a central theme. It’s like there is not a complete story, but rather a disjointed series of topics that are burning through society today. I feel like I’m scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and every topic is there embodied in a song. While that may read like a concept to some, I get the feeling the chaos detailed here is too broad to be a single concept, but rather a collection of stories that are all societal issues that are just not being dealt with by the people we elect to do so.

It is interesting that this study in chaos and drama comes to us from a Finnish band. Topics like gun control and police brutality, military states, and personal tragedies each get mention here. Military dominance is not just an American thing but is something we use to enforce our will. Russia has been on a tear in recent times, as are China and Israel. Terrorist groups are acting like defacto military units in the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.

China and America both have police states to a degree. There are others, but there are too many to list individually. You probably have one of your own in mind at this point. Derek Chauvin is the one specifically listed here. There are hints of dictatorial elections here without any names being mentioned, but everyone has someone in mind, likely depending on where you live and which side of the political spectrum you lean toward. Yes, I’m treading carefully here, not trying to anger the reader. You are entitled to your beliefs, but I do not have to agree with you.

Now that we’ve discussed the subject matter, let’s talk about the music. This is Epic Power Metal with Symphonic and Operatic elements blended in to build a soundscape that can fill more than just a room, it’s meant to fill your mind. Everything is tied to the lyrics, so there is more to this than just a collection of notes. The music is written to influence and inspire your mind to picture what you are thinking and feeling while listening. Intricate guitar and keyboard work fills in the spaces between bass and drum beats. The rhythms are at times bombastic, massive, crafted to fill an entire room with beautiful noise. At other times, there is a minimalism that allows the mind time to think and dares it to process those thoughts.

Instrumentals give the listener time to reflect on what has come before and what is likely to follow. This album is political, personal, societal, and introspective. After Infinity does not specifically tell you what to think, but they give you enough information to deduce on your own what side of the line they reside on. If you are convinced that you are correct and nothing can change your mind, you are right, this album will not change your mind. Neither will facts as you only believe in what supports your theories.

For those of you who like to question everything, this album may give you pause to do some of that now. The lines between right and wrong are not blurred, they are ignored because of rationalization and justification. This is a breath of fresh air, knowing there are people out there who can state their minds without shouting accusatory epithets that only cause the misinformed to close their minds even further. This album navigates a minefield delicately by not naming names but does let us know what After Infinity believes to be right. Justice must prevail if society is to be maintained.

MZ Ratings:


  •             Guitars – 10
  •             Rhythms – 10
  •             Vocals – 10
  • Songwriting – 10
  • Production – 10

Overall – 10.00