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Eternal Returns – Hunchback Hatred

Eternal Returns is a Thrash/Death/Groove Metal band from India formed in 2009. There is a lot of sound coming from this record. Lots of notes in rapid-fire succession, blast beat drumming, chugging guitar riffs, extended screams/growls, and thundering bass create a vast soundscape full of precisely delivered tones. This is a band that likes to explore societal issues and raise self-awareness about things that are important to them. Extreme Metal and social issues go hand in hand. Metal is often a form of activism, speaking truth into brutal riffs and powerful rhythms that create a voice and a force to be reckoned with.

Virus Inhumanity – The Black Face Of Death

Virus Inhumanity is a five-piece Death/Groove Metal from Belgium. Formed in 2019, just before a global pandemic, their motif was almost a prescient prediction of what was to come only a year later. Crafted to appeal to fans of darker tones and sounds, they drew their inspiration from bands like Lamb Of God, Pantera, Deicide, and Gojira, just to name a few. Rapid rhythms and chugging guitar work wrapped around harsh vocals, mixed in with ambient undertones and intros/outros create a dazzling array of sounds that will infect the recesses of your mind, taking hold of the nervous system, causing rhythmic contractions of the head and neck while making the listener throw their hands in the air. There is no cure!

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