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CrossRoad – Funeral Path

CrossRoad is a Polish four-piece Heavy/Doom Metal band. Their themes tend towards everything from personal struggles to medieval, covering a range of topics as diverse as their music. Following in the footsteps of doom legends like Pentagram, Trouble, and Black Sabbath, CrossRoad presents a collection of eight tracks that continue the tradition of heavy, doom-laden riffs and dark atmospheres. The album, including a cover of Mech, is a nod to the genre’s roots while showcasing the band’s unique take on doom metal. Take a journey through a sonic wonderland and travel through your mind as you take in everything this debut album has to offer.

Grave Heist/Coronary Thrombosis/Sickbay/Sacrificial Betrayal – Another Round RVA – Richmond, VA, March 2, 2024

Grave Heist/Coronary Thrombosis/Sickbay/Sacrificial Betrayal – Another Round RVA – Richmond, VA, March 2, 2024

Sacrificial Betrayal/Lost Without/Letcher/The Eylis – Another Round RVA – Richmond, VA, March 1, 2024

Sacrificial Betrayal/Lost Without/Letcher/The Eylis – Another Round RVA – Richmond, VA, March 1, 2024

Ekktoplasm/Alcindor/Vulcanite/Sacrificial Betrayal – Another Round RVA – Richmond, VA, Saturday, February 10, 2024

All four bands crushed it. No two bands filled the same space musically, but they all gave the crowd something to take home with them. Whether that was just memories or new merch, everyone left with a piece of the show. Nights like this are special because these are not touring shows. There is just something wonderful about a one-off show that may not ever happen again. The unique mixture of styles comes together for one evening of Metal Worshipping, then fades into history, lovingly brought forth in the memories of those fortunate enough to witness the moment.

Yeet Cleaver/Dinosaurs In Paris/Graveside At Midnight/The Plan

Free metal Friday at Another Round RVA in Richmond, VA featuring The Plan, Graveside At Midnight, Dinosaurs In Paris, and Yeet Cleaver on February 2, 2024.

The Holy Nothing – Vol 1 A Profound and Nameless Fear

Fort Wayne, Indiana is the home of three-piece Stoner/Grunge/Desert outfit The Holy Nothing. With a love of bands like Red Fang, Baroness, and Queens Of The Stone Age, they bring their own mix of styles to bear, crafting a unique blend of Metal. Their shared love of horror and science fiction is imbued within every  Continue Reading »

Uga Buga/Blazoner/Heemeyer

The Southern Café and Music Hall On a cold Saturday night in Charlottesville, VA, three heavy bands hit the stage at one of the region’s best venues. There is a spot outside the music area to socialize, grab food, and speak at a normal volume. In the music hall, there is cool lighting and  Continue Reading »

Unmothered – Corridors

Unmothered was formed in Austin, Texas, in 2013. The COVID pandemic hit them pretty hard and they partially split with the core of the band relocating to Columbus, Ohio. Most of the sound is Fuzzy-Doom Metal, but they bring in elements of Sludge and Melodic Metal to craft a broader, deeper sound that touches different parts of the brain. Multiple short instrumentals on this album allow for a quick rest, giving the brain time to prepare for what comes next.

Free Metal Friday at Another Round RVA

Bloody Crackdown/Blazoner/Create & Cremate/Uga Buga – Free Metal Friday at Another Round RVA, Richmond, VA, January 5, 2024 Free Metal Friday at Another Round in Richmond, Virginia is something that should be celebrated! Local and regional acts playing for free on a Friday night, all ages welcome, with money left over to buy band merch  Continue Reading »

Blazoner – Escape to Electric Land

Blazoner is a three-piece band hailing from Fredericksburg, Virginia. One thing that is immediately noticeable is that all three members provide vocals, putting them in a category not often used; vocal Power Trio. This allows for some very interesting voice usage, including harmonic and dissonant themes where they use cleans to offset grit and distortion. Blazoner weaves through many styles and genres, including, but not limited to, Doom, Heavy, Thrash, and Melodic Metal. Heavy riffing is bolstered with equally heavy rhythms that wrap around the electrifying vocals to create a sonic wave that will wash over you and leave you waiting for the next wave to bring another crash of audible heaviness.

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