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All Hell’s Breaking Loose Tour featuring Raven/Vicious Rumors/Lutharo/Wicked

In a rare twist, I saw this tour on two different nights in two different locations. Both shows had their own energy and appeal. On a Monday night, I drove to Baltimore, MD and saw the bands play at The Metro Baltimore and then down to Richmond, VA for the Cobra Cabana show on Wednesday.  Continue Reading »

Artillery 40th Anniversary Tour

Artillery 40th Anniversary Tour

Paradiso/Cranium Drain/Part Death – Free Metal Friday

Another Round Bar and Grill – Richmond, VA FREE METAL FRIDAY!! This should be a thing all over the country to encourage local and regional bands to get out and show off their style. I love that Another Round incentivizes bands and fans to come out for a night of cool music. No cover should  Continue Reading »

Girlschool/Lillian Axe/Alcatrazz – Black Cat, Washington DC – March 28, 2024

Girlschool/Lillian Axe/Alcatrazz – Black Cat, Washington DC – March 28, 2024

Abandon All – Strong

Abandon All is a five-piece Heavy Metal band from Finland. The Strong EP is their compelling follow-up to their debut album, Far Away (2023). It explores empowering themes, celebrating friendship, and navigating toxic relationships. With faster, more direct tracks, Abandon All maintains its distinctive sound, delivering an EP that transcends boundaries and amplifies the essence of inner strength. Female-fronted, this dynamic band captivates on more than just the massive voice of their lead singer. Powerful rhythms and rock-solid riffs are woven together by elegant lead guitar work, providing a stunning soundscape to augment the voice and deliver these timely, relevant messages.

Jenner – Prove Them Wrong

Jenner is a three-piece all-female Heavy Metal band from Serbia. Formed in 2013, they have spent a decade honing their craft and working to define their sound. What they have accomplished with Prove Them Wrong is nothing short of astounding. As a Power Trio, they build a wall of sound capable of dominating the ears and calming even the most savage of beasts with their gritty vocals, thundering rhythms, and intricate guitar work. Some of my initial thoughts are that they have a bit of a throwback sound with a modern twist. They remind a little of a band from the 80s out of England, Rock Goddess. I have no idea if this is intentional or not, but it makes me very happy to hear something like this since Rock Goddess retired a few years ago. The two bands are not the same, but they both have a similar appeal to me. Jenner is something I will look forward to from here on out!

CrossRoad – Funeral Path

CrossRoad is a Polish four-piece Heavy/Doom Metal band. Their themes tend towards everything from personal struggles to medieval, covering a range of topics as diverse as their music. Following in the footsteps of doom legends like Pentagram, Trouble, and Black Sabbath, CrossRoad presents a collection of eight tracks that continue the tradition of heavy, doom-laden riffs and dark atmospheres. The album, including a cover of Mech, is a nod to the genre’s roots while showcasing the band’s unique take on doom metal. Take a journey through a sonic wonderland and travel through your mind as you take in everything this debut album has to offer.

Gengis Khan – Master of My Sins

Gengis Khan is an Italian Heavy/Speed Metal band formed in 2012. Master Of My Sins is the second EP from the band. They’ve also released three full-length LPs. Bringing in keyboards also adds a Power Metal flair to the mix, especially when added to the Epic/Power Metal style lyrics. Layered vocals, combined with the atmospheric keys bring the sound full circle. The versatility the band exhibits allows them to cross over and through styles while maintaining their signature sound and never losing sight of who they are as a band.

Yeet Cleaver/Dinosaurs In Paris/Graveside At Midnight/The Plan

Free metal Friday at Another Round RVA in Richmond, VA featuring The Plan, Graveside At Midnight, Dinosaurs In Paris, and Yeet Cleaver on February 2, 2024.

Uga Buga/Blazoner/Heemeyer

The Southern Café and Music Hall On a cold Saturday night in Charlottesville, VA, three heavy bands hit the stage at one of the region’s best venues. There is a spot outside the music area to socialize, grab food, and speak at a normal volume. In the music hall, there is cool lighting and  Continue Reading »

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