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Jenner – Prove Them Wrong

Jenner is a three-piece all-female Heavy Metal band from Serbia. Formed in 2013, they have spent a decade honing their craft and working to define their sound. What they have accomplished with Prove Them Wrong is nothing short of astounding. As a Power Trio, they build a wall of sound capable of dominating the ears and calming even the most savage of beasts with their gritty vocals, thundering rhythms, and intricate guitar work. Some of my initial thoughts are that they have a bit of a throwback sound with a modern twist. They remind a little of a band from the 80s out of England, Rock Goddess. I have no idea if this is intentional or not, but it makes me very happy to hear something like this since Rock Goddess retired a few years ago. The two bands are not the same, but they both have a similar appeal to me. Jenner is something I will look forward to from here on out!

Distartica – In Silence They Scream

Houston, Texas-based Distartica is a Power Trio with the drummer as the lead vocalist. Interesting trivia; he’s blind and rocks harder than you. Never one’s to shy away from difficult topics, they cover current events, various controversies, and mortality in their lyrics, making sure to address topics that are sure to get a reaction and make the listener think. In Silence They Scream is their sophomore effort, following 2017’s notable debut, In Flames We Rise. After more than a decade of honing their craft, you will hear clear, concise music and complex, coherent lyrics that are sure to catch your ear and get fully embedded in your brain.

Blazoner – Escape to Electric Land

Blazoner is a three-piece band hailing from Fredericksburg, Virginia. One thing that is immediately noticeable is that all three members provide vocals, putting them in a category not often used; vocal Power Trio. This allows for some very interesting voice usage, including harmonic and dissonant themes where they use cleans to offset grit and distortion. Blazoner weaves through many styles and genres, including, but not limited to, Doom, Heavy, Thrash, and Melodic Metal. Heavy riffing is bolstered with equally heavy rhythms that wrap around the electrifying vocals to create a sonic wave that will wash over you and leave you waiting for the next wave to bring another crash of audible heaviness.

Obsidian Tide – The Grand Crescendo

Obsidian Tide is a three-piece Technical/Progressive Metal band from Tel Aviv, Israel. Formed in 2012, they combine clean and harsh vocals with a wide variety of different musical styles. Ranging from gentle, almost lilting melodies to incredibly aggressive metal, Obsidian Tide allows your mind to wander through soundscapes that are relaxing, but are not afraid  Continue Reading »

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