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Dialith – Alter

Dialith is an Epic Symphonic Power Metal band from Danbury, Connecticut. Formed in 2015, Dialith made an impact with their 2019 debut album, Extinction Six. Blending Epic Orchestral arrangements with enrapturing Melodeath riffs, Dialith aims to breathe new life into the Symphonic Metal genre with tracks that draw inspiration from varied sources, from Death Metal to Pop music to Arabic and Celtic Folk music. Alter is the continuation of Dialith’s 2021 EP Atrophy, the second in what will be a trilogy of EPs that culminate in a full album. To accomplish these sounds, they use heavy riffing interlaced with delicate lead and fill work, heavy-handed bass, intricate drumming, and Simone Simons’ inspired vocals to craft a special alloy of Metal that is unique to them.

Lutharo – Chasing Euphoria

Lutharo is a female-fronted Power/Death/Epic Metal band hailing from Canada. Ten years into their career, they’ve released two EPs and two LPs. Chasing Euphoria is the second (soon-to-be-released) LP. Chugging rhythms and frenetic riffs combine with delicate interludes, clean and harsh vocals, and killer compositions to create a massive soundscape that will wash over you, drowning you in glorious noises that sweep you off the shore into the depths of a musical fantasy land. Take a deep breath before the first song ends, you will need it as the rest of the album will work to take that last breath away. The stunning speed and accuracy of the songs will leave you wanting more. This is one of those records that will stick with you for years to come.

Ember Belladonna – The Grove

Ember Belladonna is one of those genre-bending, boundary-pushing projects that will shake up what you think is possible in the realm of metal fusions. This is not Symphonic Metal, it’s flute-based Folk Metal, though it’s so much more than just Metal. There are hauntingly beautiful melodies that barely register in the Rock realm, and then  Continue Reading »

Wizard Death – I Am The Night

Wizard Death is a father/son duo that transcends generations and genres. Influenced by everything from NWOBHM to more Modern Heavy and Thrash Metal, just to start. Throw in some Power Metal, add a few guest musicians, and you end up with a wild concoction that is sure to grab some part of your metal-loving brain. With only three songs on the EP, it is easy to put this on a loop and let it dig into your ears.

Hyloxalus – Make Me The Heart Of The Black Hole

Hyloxalus is something heavy music fans have been familiar with for decades; the Canadian Power Trio. One of the key differences is the vocals. The layers of Nina are something out of an Epic Power Symphonic Metal lover’s dream. Her tones are stunning and the way the layers are built creates a soundscape that rivals anything you’ve heard to date. Mike takes on a lot of roles, playing everything except the drums. Danial takes on that task and the three of them show they are all very capable of performing their parts with precision and technicality.

Xephyr – No Signal

Xephyr formed in 2010 on the outskirts of Toronto, a.k.a. The Badlands, eh. They’ve been a trio and a quartet and had several different formations. They’ve also worked to establish themselves as a hard-working band that can put out both great records and take those songs on tour to rock the fans through the night.  Continue Reading »

The Holy Nothing – Vol 1 A Profound and Nameless Fear

Fort Wayne, Indiana is the home of three-piece Stoner/Grunge/Desert outfit The Holy Nothing. With a love of bands like Red Fang, Baroness, and Queens Of The Stone Age, they bring their own mix of styles to bear, crafting a unique blend of Metal. Their shared love of horror and science fiction is imbued within every  Continue Reading »

DownShift – One In The Chamber

Indiana-based DownShift is a five-piece Hard Rock band that likes to blend Rock with Blues rhythms and Groove riffs to fill the soundscape with a glorious noise. Catchy hooks and easy-to-sing choruses round out the music portion while gritty lead vocals and well-placed backing vocals bring the songs full circle, rounding out the tracks with a nice full sound.

Becoming The Lion – Turning Point

Becoming The Lion began as a solo project and has returned to those roots. This newest EP sees the project reimagined as more of a Hard Rock/Alternative band than the previous Post-Hardcore stylings. Sometimes, you just have to change direction and see where it leads. That is exactly what Ross has done and it is quite easy to hear that he has some major influences from those two genres.

Disconnected Souls – Fragments Of Consciousness

Disconnected Souls is a hyper-diverse blend of musical elements meant to push boundaries to limits rarely explored. Multiple vocalists weave around each other track after track, creating complex interactions that will have you constantly referring to the lyric sheet as you study this album. This is not a record you put on and walk away from. The concept is intricate and the lyrics reflect that depth, coupling with the music to deliver something you have to dig into. You will want to understand this record, not just hear it.

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