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The Iron Maidens/Elizabeth’s Furnace – Backseat Event Center, Winchester, VA, February 17, 2024

February 17, 2024, a night of technical issues and a concert that overcame all of those issues to rock your brains out. The Iron Maidens ruled the night and Elizabeth’s Furnace rocked out. Fun for all on a cold Saturday night in Winchester, VA.

Red Temple Pray – Can It Get Any Worse?

Columbus, Ohio is the home base for the Alternative Rock quartet Red Temple Pray. Musically, they stay on the Rock end of the spectrum, not getting too heavy or fast. Lyrically, they go for some of the darker subjects, exploring personal struggles and issues the world is facing. They ask, Can It Get Any Worse? This is a dangerous question because society has a very habit of responding with, “Challenge Accepted.”

The Optimist In Me – You Should Smile More Often

The Optimist In Me is an alternative rock band from the Netherlands aiming to make a positive impact on global happiness while encouraging individuals to embrace their inner optimist. By promoting awareness, they seek to deepen the understanding of mental health. Through the universal language of music and the captivating experience of live shows, they aim to foster a culture of support.

Becoming The Lion – Turning Point

Becoming The Lion began as a solo project and has returned to those roots. This newest EP sees the project reimagined as more of a Hard Rock/Alternative band than the previous Post-Hardcore stylings. Sometimes, you just have to change direction and see where it leads. That is exactly what Ross has done and it is quite easy to hear that he has some major influences from those two genres.

Darkness Is My Canvas – White Noise

Founded in 2017, Darkness Is My Canvas calls Helsinki, Finland home. DIMC is a Rock band that weaves in and around many additional styles, including Progressive, Alternative, and Modern Rock. With three of the members performing vocal parts, the is a lot of range to the delivery of the lyrics. Sometimes the voice is muted, sounding far away and almost haunted, other times you get an almost angry distortion to the voice. This gives the album a wide array of tones and textures, letting each song stand on its’ own merits. Added keyboards influence the sound, harkening back to the early 80s in some cases. If you are a fan of the arena rock era, you will likely love this album.

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