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Falset/Pyramid Theorem/Spiral Fracture/Arkaza

Falset/Pyramid Theorem/Spiral Fracture/Arkaza

Fly By Night (Rush) and Black Dog RVA (Led Zeppelin)

Fly By Night (Rush) and Black Dog RVA (Led Zeppelin)

Jo Below – New Worlds

Jo Below is one of those bands that you read about and question what you just saw; Southern-Fried Blues Hard Rock from Finland. Go ahead, read that again. With a sound that crosses into 70s-inspired Classic Rock on a whim, the four of them bring back something old and make it new again. This is like Fleetwood Mac meets The Outlaws with some Stevie Ray Vaughn sprinkled in for good measure. This EP has a killer groove to it with catchy guitar hooks and rhythms that you can move to. It is amazing to hear modern tunes inspired by music from 50 years ago sound so fresh. See, Finland isn’t all Black Metal and corpse paint. Jo Below shows the musical culture there is as diverse as anywhere in the Metal Realm.

Girlschool/Lillian Axe/Alcatrazz – Black Cat, Washington DC – March 28, 2024

Girlschool/Lillian Axe/Alcatrazz – Black Cat, Washington DC – March 28, 2024

King’s X – Tally Ho Theater, Leesburg, VA – March 9, 2024

King’s X – Tally Ho Theater, Leesburg, VA – March 9, 2024

Red Temple Pray – Can It Get Any Worse?

Columbus, Ohio is the home base for the Alternative Rock quartet Red Temple Pray. Musically, they stay on the Rock end of the spectrum, not getting too heavy or fast. Lyrically, they go for some of the darker subjects, exploring personal struggles and issues the world is facing. They ask, Can It Get Any Worse? This is a dangerous question because society has a very habit of responding with, “Challenge Accepted.”

Mega Colossus – Showdown

Mega Colossus is a five-piece Hard Rock band from Raleigh, North Carolina. Showdown is their fourth full-length LP. Displaying influences from the past, they bring a modern sound to an old-school style of music. You can hear the 70s and 80s in some of the song structures, but the overall sound is much more complex than that.

Xephyr – No Signal

Xephyr formed in 2010 on the outskirts of Toronto, a.k.a. The Badlands, eh. They’ve been a trio and a quartet and had several different formations. They’ve also worked to establish themselves as a hard-working band that can put out both great records and take those songs on tour to rock the fans through the night.  Continue Reading »

DownShift – One In The Chamber

Indiana-based DownShift is a five-piece Hard Rock band that likes to blend Rock with Blues rhythms and Groove riffs to fill the soundscape with a glorious noise. Catchy hooks and easy-to-sing choruses round out the music portion while gritty lead vocals and well-placed backing vocals bring the songs full circle, rounding out the tracks with a nice full sound.

Becoming The Lion – Turning Point

Becoming The Lion began as a solo project and has returned to those roots. This newest EP sees the project reimagined as more of a Hard Rock/Alternative band than the previous Post-Hardcore stylings. Sometimes, you just have to change direction and see where it leads. That is exactly what Ross has done and it is quite easy to hear that he has some major influences from those two genres.

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