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Volucrine – ETNA

Finnish four-piece Modern Melodic Death Metal band Volucrine is set to release their fourth full-length album, ETNA this month. Focusing on the human experience and the challenges of merely existing in this age, they craft songs that use both clean and harsh vocals together with catchy riffs and heavy rhythms to get their point across. Formed in 2014, they have built a following for both their brutal records and killer live shows, taking the heaviness to a new level with stage shows known for their energetic performances. With a decade of experience under their collective belt, they have figured out who they are and how they want to sound, crafting a unique tone with both the instruments and words.

Gothony – Gothony

Gothony is a five-piece Finnish Drama Metal band formed in 1993. They released a couple of demos in the 90s and then took an extended hiatus, re-emerging in 2019. After more than 30 years, their debut full-length album is arriving! Gothony uses vocal layering and backing voices to create a depth of vocal sounds meant to accentuate the songs in multiple ways. Meanwhile, the music is a creative mixture of different Metal disciplines, including, but not limited to, Death, Power, Thrash, and Cinematic Metals.

Weightless World – Sleepwalker

Weightless World is a Progressive Metal band from Finland formed in 2011. Heavy on the Progressive end of the Metal spectrum, they bring in elements of Power and Metalcore and even edge pretty close to Speed Metal at times. They use clean and harsh vocals, mixed in with the backing vocals to create a larger-than-life set of voices capable of taking their songs to a new level.

Darkness Is My Canvas – White Noise

Founded in 2017, Darkness Is My Canvas calls Helsinki, Finland home. DIMC is a Rock band that weaves in and around many additional styles, including Progressive, Alternative, and Modern Rock. With three of the members performing vocal parts, the is a lot of range to the delivery of the lyrics. Sometimes the voice is muted, sounding far away and almost haunted, other times you get an almost angry distortion to the voice. This gives the album a wide array of tones and textures, letting each song stand on its’ own merits. Added keyboards influence the sound, harkening back to the early 80s in some cases. If you are a fan of the arena rock era, you will likely love this album.

Blade – Joker And Clown

Blade is a five-piece Finnish Hard Rock band formed in 2020. Joker And Clowns is a 10-song album filled with catchy hooks and big riffs. Intricate guitar work pairs beautifully with the rhythms to create a quirky, fun set of songs. Blade brings a modern sensibility to some of the Classic Hard Rock sounds, bringing to mind the heyday of the 80s.

Miss Vain – Crocus Biflorus

Hailing from Tampere, Finland, Miss Vain is a Five-piece Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band with a penchant for melodic styling. The vocals are delivered with grit and determination over shifting rhythms. Originally formed as a Pop Rock act, the first two members recruited members with different ideas, creating what you hear now, a heavier tone with  Continue Reading »

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