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Dishumanized – The Maze of Solitude

Dishumanized is a solo project formed due to some of the inherent turmoil found in establishing a band; heavy line-up rotation and the chaos this creates when trying to build a band and brand at the same time. Harald Berger turned his energy and passion into something he had complete creative license over, something that would allow him to realize his vision Sometimes you just have to take control because constant change dilutes the message you are trying to get across. Having played in many different bands and gathering various influences from all his previous work, Harald has brought together Death and Thrash Metal with NWOBHM, Classic Rock, and more to create a Fusion Metal that is both unique and almost timeless.

Distartica – In Silence They Scream

Houston, Texas-based Distartica is a Power Trio with the drummer as the lead vocalist. Interesting trivia; he’s blind and rocks harder than you. Never one’s to shy away from difficult topics, they cover current events, various controversies, and mortality in their lyrics, making sure to address topics that are sure to get a reaction and make the listener think. In Silence They Scream is their sophomore effort, following 2017’s notable debut, In Flames We Rise. After more than a decade of honing their craft, you will hear clear, concise music and complex, coherent lyrics that are sure to catch your ear and get fully embedded in your brain.

Razed Ritual – Detrimentum

Razed Ritual is a Thrash/Death Metal band from Washington state that adds elements of Groove Metal and Metalcore to round out a unique sound. Formed in 2008, they apparently took a break after releasing a demo, only to re-emerge in 2023 with a brutal debut full-length album, Detrimentum. Nine tracks that vary from heavy as hell to freaking brutal is what you get from this outfit. This is not for the faint of heart, don’t come here expecting to get something that will soothe your soul and give you chill vibes. By the end of this disc, you’ll be breathless and have a very sore neck. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Infestation – The Vermin Within

Infestation is one of the new voices of Thrash Metal. Hailing from Germany, they bring a Teutonic fury to a genre that sometimes gets stuck in 1980s Bay Area sounds. Infestation smashes that trend with indomitable guitar work, frenetic rhythms, and harsh vocals. You will hear Classic Era Thrash influences throughout their music, but there is a modern twist added that gives this debut album a new sound.

Gun Recoil – Underground Prison

Gun Recoil is a Thrash Metal band formed in Athens, Greece in 2020. After three years, they have finally released their debut EP, Underground Prison. Having formed during a worldwide pandemic, it is no surprise it took this long to get the first record out. Built on the belief that the 80s Bay Area Thrash was one of the greatest eras in music, Gun Recoil seeks to honor that time while establishing its voice. This is a well-rounded Thrash EP ready to take a spot in your current listening rotation.

Dovorian – Hunters

Dovorian is a lockdown project of Adam Sayer. Adam writes and records all instruments with additional inputs by Tom S. Englund of Evergrey handling vocal arrangements and lyrics, and Jonas Ekdahl, also of Evergrey, on drum programming. The album also features Johan Niemann (Evergrey) on bass for “Heathens” and Vikram Shankar (Silent Skies, Redemption) with a piano performance and writing on “Someone Like You.” The inclusion of members of Evergrey and the outstanding skills of Vikram add even more elegance and finesse to an already fantastic album.

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