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All Hell’s Breaking Loose Tour featuring Raven/Vicious Rumors/Lutharo/Wicked

In a rare twist, I saw this tour on two different nights in two different locations. Both shows had their own energy and appeal. On a Monday night, I drove to Baltimore, MD and saw the bands play at The Metro Baltimore and then down to Richmond, VA for the Cobra Cabana show on Wednesday.  Continue Reading »

After Infinity

After Infinity is a Finnish Heavy Metal band that wanders a massive soundscape, incorporating many sub-genres and styles, creating an alloy that is relatively unique. Their strengths are composition and relatability. Recently, the bands primary composer and creative genius, Szolt Szilagyi, answered some questions I had and he went into a depth that was refreshing and made for a great read. If you like your Metal to be current, relatable, and eloquent, this is an album for you.

Falset/Pyramid Theorem/Spiral Fracture/Arkaza

Falset/Pyramid Theorem/Spiral Fracture/Arkaza

Artillery 40th Anniversary Tour

Artillery 40th Anniversary Tour

Coventhrall – Legacy of Morfuidra

Coventhrall is a Finnish Power Metal band with a love of science fiction and epic storylines. This album has space pirates, and who doesn’t love that? With a narrator and multiple vocalists to create more of a Metal Opera style concept album, this album has layers of sound in both the vocals and the instrumentation. Three guitars and keyboards give this an atmospheric feel worthy of being set in space. Formed in 2005, they’ve had a steady lineup for most, if not all, of their existence, something that is not as common as it used to be. I can only assume this is part of why they sound like a single, solid unit as a band, they know who they are, and believe in their identity. Dive into this and you will hear that also.

After Infinity – After Infinity

After Infinity is a Finnish band formed by guitarist and songwriter Zsolt Szilagyi, known for his work with Dreamtale and Frozen Factory. The band’s music encompasses a wide range of power and heavy metal styles, featuring dynamic compositions that seamlessly blend heavy guitar riffs, epic orchestrations, and powerful vocals with soft piano melodies and soulful singing. Their catchy and beautiful melodies are sure to captivate listeners. After Infinity ranges from Heavy to Power to Symphonic Metal, weaving through styles like a slalom skier through the gates on a downhill course; using power, finesse, and a lot of daring.

Sacrificial Betrayal/Kazha/Offensive/Ametropia – Another Round Bar And Grill – March 25, 2024

Another Round Bar and Grill – Richmond, VA It was a bit strange being at Another Round on a Monday night. I’m usually there on weekends, but this gave me an opportunity to catch a different side of the place. Monday night hosts a pool league, so I watched people who have actual skills play.  Continue Reading »

Jenner – Prove Them Wrong

Jenner is a three-piece all-female Heavy Metal band from Serbia. Formed in 2013, they have spent a decade honing their craft and working to define their sound. What they have accomplished with Prove Them Wrong is nothing short of astounding. As a Power Trio, they build a wall of sound capable of dominating the ears and calming even the most savage of beasts with their gritty vocals, thundering rhythms, and intricate guitar work. Some of my initial thoughts are that they have a bit of a throwback sound with a modern twist. They remind a little of a band from the 80s out of England, Rock Goddess. I have no idea if this is intentional or not, but it makes me very happy to hear something like this since Rock Goddess retired a few years ago. The two bands are not the same, but they both have a similar appeal to me. Jenner is something I will look forward to from here on out!

Out Of Darkness

Out Of Darkness is a Florida-based four-piece band operating primarily in the Classic Power/Progressive Metal realm, though that is nowhere close to everything they bring to bear on this record. The songs are shaded with Modern and Melodic Metal, bringing a classic sound into the new age. Recently, The band took the time to answer a few questions I posed to them in hopes of getting a better feel of who they are as a whole. Their responses pleased me, not just because they answered politely, but because they gave in depth, poignant answers (and cited some of my favorite bands as influences!). Read through and you will see this is a complex band with big ideas and bigger dreams. May the Metal Gods smile upon them!


Apotheus is a four-piece Progressive Metal band from Portugal that loves to weave tales to take you on a musical and lyrical journey. Very cinematic in their approach to songwriting, Ergo Atlas is a concept album that is part two of a story Apotheus is writing based on the works of Isaac Asimov. Recently, they answered some question I posed to them, clarifying a few things that I assumed incorrectly. Read on to find out what inspires them, what they think of AI and even a couple hints to the future. This is a band that write interesting concepts and takes the time to add in elements of current and future times. Part sci-fi, part current events, they straddle the line between now and forever.

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