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Out Of Darkness – Out Of Darkness

Out Of Darkness is a Florida-based four-piece band operating primarily in the Classic Power/Progressive Metal realm, though that is nowhere close to everything they bring to bear on this record. The songs are shaded with Modern and Melodic Metal, bringing a classic sound into the new age. Initially formed in 2020 by Brent and Eric, they have expanded their line-up to include Dan and Bill, rounding out the sound. After releasing their debut EP, Seize The Day, in 2020, Out Of Darkness took time to craft their debut full-length LP and make sure they got everything to sound exactly as they wanted it to. The result is a very solid offering that has everything from gentle, ballad-like tones to a distinct heaviness that will immediately burrow into your brain.

Sabotage India – Pishach

Sabotage India is a five-piece band very much in the 80s Thrash Metal vein of music with a modern take on the genre. You can hear the Exodus, Slayer, and Testament influences in some of the songs. Using two guitars, they achieve a lot of speed with the riffing and use a single lead guitar for more of the finesse and power. The lyrics are centered on things like making sure you know they are here to stay and mean business and getting revenge against those who fail to believe. Sabotage India aims to impress with speed and heaviness combined to make you pay attention to the music just as much as to the words being sung, so take a little time and dig in, listen to both, and just appreciate the glory that is Pishach.

Receiver – Whispers Of Lore

Receiver is Classic Metal mixed with NWOBHM and some Power/Progressive Metal. Formed in 2011 in Nicosia, Cyprus, they harken back to a different era. Theirs is an international offering, sounding as if they have been influenced by music from multiple decades and locales. Receiver features soaring clean vocals backed by sterling guitar melodies. Perhaps the real beauty of Whispers of Lore is Receiver’s uncanny ability to seamlessly underpin progressive rock and the sounds of NWOBHM. The rhythms are stunning and the overall compositional quality is what you would expect from a band that has been tirelessly working for over a decade to craft their signature sound. Dealing with weighty topics lyrically, they round out the album with words as complex and meaningful as the music.

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